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The official website for Total Futsal, a coaching service with high quality coaches in the Eastbourne, Sussex Area.

Total Futsal is the only set up in the area that uses Futsal as a training technique. We firmly believe that Futsal is an excellent tool in developing more technically and tactically astute players that can play under pressure in small spaces - abilities of which England are generally failing to produce. Countries that produce players with these abilities in abundance, such as Spain and Brazil, use Futsal as a key aspect of developing their youngsters, with players like Pele, Ronaldo, Robinho, Xavi, Iniesta and Fabregas, to name a few, all hailing from a Futsal background.

We are passionate about the delivery of futsal in this country and have a team of dedicated, high quality coaches to do so. The idea behind Total Futsal was introduced in January 2012 and it has taken many months to develop the philosophy behind it, making sure it is of a high standard and to recruit the quality of coach expected. From October 2012, we will be opening our own Futsal Development Centre aimed at 6-11 year olds, with the ambition to make Eastbourne a hotbed of futsal and football talent.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a high quality coaching service to the community through the medium of Futsal.

Our aims and ambitions are to:

• Offer Futsal as an accelerated learning tool for Mini Soccer / 11-a-side Football and as an alternative.
• Promote the stature of Futsal in the community, creating links with clubs and schools
• Educate players, coaches and parents about Futsal, endorsing its benefits as a training tool and a sport in its own right.
• Provide as many participants as possible the opportunity to play Futsal regardless of ability, age, gender, religion or ethnicity
• Provide those with the right attitude the opportunities to excel through the Total Futsal Academy
• Create a Legacy: Take the opportunities presented by working hard and persisting; the principles of success.
• Develop the person: Instil the principles of success to life and actively promote sportsmanship.
• Create a learning environment that promotes mastery and development, as opposed to a win at all costs culture.
• Development of technical ability, game intelligence and psychological skills.

Our main priorities are:

1. Participant enjoyment and retention

2. Promotion and education of futsal

3. Instilling the legacy of the principles of success

4. Develop the player AND the person

5. Creating a developmental environment

6. Creating opportunities for excellence


Contact Details


Phone: 07715577055


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